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Previous Entry Help with MS Access for the self taught newbie. Oct. 31st, 2006 @ 01:52 am Next Entry
I may be asking too much here. I don't have alot of skills to offer, unless you want information about publishing small press things (fanzines, indy comics etc), or obscure movie trivia. I'm amatuer level at both. I'm sure I have other skills, but I'm not sure what they are.

I work in a retail video store. When I got the job 5 months ago he was still using paper records. Nothing was in the computer. (yeah, wow.)

Myself and one other employee took it upon ourselves to type the inventory into the computer. We started with Excel, then with help from a freind I transferred it to Access.
I work very late at night, and it's a very quiet job. I have almost nothing to do during my 8 hour shift. (about 1-2 hours of customer service, and 1-3 hours of cleaning.) So I started trying to make a workable computer program to keep track of movies, sales and rentals, and customers. I had no idea what I was getting into. I have 0 skill at this, except what I have learned on my own in the last 4 months. I'm not getting paid as a programmer, but am merely doing it in order to each myself, and to create a decent impression at work (and in the long term to make my life easier by having the movies online)..

Please, no comments about what a cheap so and so my boss is. I already know :)

4 months, four online tutorials, 2 books, and a couple of friends later, I'm dangerously close to having it finished. But I can't 'fine tune it' to make it work. My last few questions seem fairly complicated.

We are using MS Acess 2003

1> The tutorials I use all use an either or field for whether a movie is 'available or not'. Bu they assume you do rental or sales. None allow for both, nor for recording other options (say..damaged movies)..So I put in a status field. But the event procedure won't let me change a text field on lost focus, or at least, not the way I'm doing it. Can anyone tell me the syntax for changing a text field from "In Stock" to "Rented" upon lost focus of the price field. (I got it to work, but hten when I closed out the entire page, it told me I could not assign a value to that field..even though It did what I wanted it to before that.

2> My form refers to a query. I need to be able to look up things on the form through some means other htan the primary key. For instance a customers name. Currently I have to go to one form, look up the name, find the 'primary key number' and then type in the number on the form. This is more htan most of these slacker employees will do, and it lends itself to tons of mistakes. There must be a better way.

Same for movie titles sort of. Our own filing system gives each movie a number between 1-4000. Currently this is the primary key, which gets around the above problem. I sort of like it that way. Except that when we sell a movie, and replace it, I want to keep some sort of record of what was sold. Ideally, I'd liek this to happen

I want to add a new movie. The slot is currently 'held' with a sold movie. (only sold, damaged or lost movies should be able to be replaced.) I type in the number I want to replace (say 3100.) I would like it to copy the record to another table, then delete the current record, and replace it with the new record (using the same number.). If this can not work, then I need to solve the above problme with looking up movies on a transaction form by something other the primary key (rather than giving two different id numbers to the movies.)

3> How would I make an employee 'log on screen' so the database knows which user is on (without building a windows enviroment for 10 different employees)

If you can point me to the website or books that will asnwer my questiosn great, but so far I'm eitehr phrasing the questions badly, or looking in all the wrong places.

Please assume in your feedback that I have NO IDEA what I'm doing..as I don't.

If you want to help but have questions email me at tom@redalley.com

Thanks if you can help.
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Date:November 1st, 2006 03:22 am (UTC)
i'm not sure what books you've gotten, but i found the access bible really helpful... wish i could do more, but i haven't used access in quite some time :/
Date:August 9th, 2010 04:52 pm (UTC)
I quite often work with ms access databases. But sometimes I had the problems with it. Once I by accident stumbled across - Access Recovery. It solved my old issues within the scope of minutes. Above it could aid my brother and to my mind it would help you.
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